Bear Kingdom & The Golden Sword by Stacie Eirich


 Twelve year-old twins Susie and Jack are on a quest in the Arctic land of Bear Kingdom to find the Book of Destony and rescue tiger Queen Mohini and her cubs. Their journey is not an easy one. Their kingdom is a dark and dangerous place filled with ice and snow, haunted by a powerful, evil spell and ruled by fierce bear Kking Knut. Suzie and Jack have help from their friends Liam and Elaina, as well as a cast of magical animals, including beautiful Phoenix Phaedra, jolly dragon Thistle Fire and some new amazing creatures.

Hidden within Bear Kingdom’s enchanted forest is the golden sword. Forged with powerful ancient magic, it is one of the magical objects that Suzie, Jack, Liam and ELena will need in order to fight against the evil spell that has been cast over Bear Castle. Will they have enough good magic to break the spell? Or will bear kingdom be doomed to remain haunted forever?