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As she nervously awaits the birth of her daughter, journalist Charlie Cates has better things to do than pine for the woman who abandoned her decades earlier. Yet when her estranged mother turns up dead in Arizona with a sister Charlie never knew she had, Charlie must confront her own painful family history . . . and face the child left behind. A child who speaks to Charlie in her dreams. A child who was present on the night of the murders. A child with no one else to turn to.

Led by her mysterious gift--a supernatural ability to connect to both the future and the past through dreams and visions--Charlie travels to Tucson and soon unearths new clues about the unsolved double homicide. The search for answers will take her on a hair-raising journey across the Mexican border, from the resort town of Rocky Point to the impoverished border town of Nogales. But time is running out. Haunted by dreams of her unborn child's death, Charlie is forced to grapple with the most frightening question of all: Does seeing the future give you any power to change it?

A gripping, nightmarish thriller set in the heat of the Sonoran Desert, The Shimmering Road takes on racial politics, corruption, and the complexities of motherhood, while delivering plenty of chills.