Four lifelong friends, on a college break in March, meet at the Truro Coffeehouse on the Cape. While telling their stories, the buddies realize they have shared past-life experiences. Each offering a different perspective, they recall memories of time spent together from the hunter-gatherer age to the present, exploring humankind's progress in science, philosophy, technology, and religion. Beck, Sam, Tahn, and Gia consider the value of monotheistic religions-built on myth, fear, and ignorance-and come to realize religion is falling behind as thinking moves from incremental to exponential. They consider the enormous challenge of finding alternatives to traditional religious dogma and doctrine that will provide the meaningful explanations they seek in the twenty-first century. Having Coffee with God offers a forward-thinking perspective on the value of monotheistic traditions throughout history and, more importantly, into the future. It communicates that monotheism has not kept pace with the world's advancements in science and understanding, and something must change. This novel presents author Benjamin Abrahams' culmination of decades of study and observation on alternatives to best guide young people in the new millennium.