Dragon Kingdom & The Wishing Stone


Twins Suzie and Jack and their friends Elena and Liam, have taken flight to Dragon Kingdom, a magical kingdom in the sky. Their task is to find the Wishing Stone; without its power, the good magic in the kingdom is threatened, and they may not be able to return home. Dragon Kingdom is both enchanting and dangerous, rules by Dragon Queen Belakane and filled with colorful, winged creatures. Suzie, Jack, Elena and Liam have help from their Dragon friends Thistle Fire, Bright Wing, Fire Song, and Starlight - and meet some astonishing new beings on their journey, including a Griffin, a Sea Enchantress, and a Fairy Queen.

When Suzie, Jack and their friends find out that the Wishing Stone has been broken, they embark on a quest to gather it’s pieces. To find them, they must solve three riddles without the aid of magic, using only their intelligence, senses, strength and teamwork. Will Suzie, Jack, Liam and Elena be able to solve the riddles and restore the stone?

Or will the skies of Dragon Kingdom be filled with evil Wyvern’s, the good magic of the Wishing Stone scattered and lost forever?