The Book and The Bean DARK ROAST & CHICORY COFFEE 3oz. Bag

The Book and The Bean Coffee ~ 

3 oz bag. (weight prior to roasting)

Makes 12 cups


FLAMJEAUX small batch coffee roaster. Fresh roasted coffee will change your life
Each batch of Flamjeaux coffee begins with carefully selected green coffee beans and then manually roasted in small batches.

The end result is the freshest coffee on which you can spend your hard earned money.

New Orleans is as well known for our coffee as for our world renowned cuisine. Chicory, burned endive root, contains no caffeine and was used to stretch coffee supplies during the Civil War. As an ingredient of coffee, chicory earned a place on the list of food and beverage items that are unique to New Orleans and remains a daily staple for many residents and transplants today.

Chicory adds a subtle sweet taste to dark roast for an enjoyable cup any time of day. Enjoy this fresh blend of ground dark roasted coffee blended with chicory black, with your preferred additives or with steamed or boiled milk as a Cafe au lait, New Orleans style.

Roasted in Mandeville, Louisiana